"She inspires trust and confidence so that healing can begin."

- Kathy Thomas
"Melaney keeps me focused on the important. She cares about what I'm doing and I feel like I have a partner in my journey."

Melaney has been the most helpful "professional" in her field that I have ever met. Her practical, intuitive, and compassionate approach has brought me so much peace.

- Carole Cunefare
“Dr. Melaney is an authentic, loving, wise woman and masterful teacher who has proven that her steps work.”

- Debbie Ford, #1 New York Times, Best-selling author
“Melaney Sreenan has an impressive list of credentials that gave me confidence in her abilities, but who she is, is the most powerful person I’ve ever met. She tells me what I get to hear, not what I want to hear.”

- Terry Z.
"Melaney helped me realize that life is special and should be cherished regardless of the circumstances. She is a very special person."

- Kathy E.
"A few months ago I told myself, “I don’t feel as if I’m feeding my soul”. I have no doubt that meeting you is God, Spirit or Destiny’s way of reminding me what is real. Thank you."

- Linda S.
"Melaney goes deeper with people. Compared to other counselors, Melaney gets to your soul and discovers who you are."

- Teresa Goge

Freeing Love

How Does Life and Love Get Even Better Than This?

What if you could have more of what you already have?

  • More Happiness

  • More Balance at Home and Work

  • Relationships that Work ALL of the Time

Dr. Sreenan has studied how to live life and relationships fully.

In this seminar YOU will be immersed in the neuroscience of living the fullness of love and life!
She will guide YOU to choose the path that fully inspires you to the next level of...YOUR BEST LIFE!

Dr. Sreenan’s research proves that the more conscious you are the more


When: September 17 9-4
Where: Creative Life Center



Creating Positive Pathways for Life

  • Are you ready to get ‘unstuck’ personally and professionally?
  • Want to break free from chronic relationship struggles at home and work?
  • Ready to learn to succeed at every challenging situation by getting clarity, then transcending old patterns?

MelOnStool croppedThrough customized individual and group coaching, counseling, consulting, and seminars, Melaney Sreenan, Ph.D., helps individuals and organizations get to the root of their issues, facilitate releases, and achieve results that transform their lives. She takes people to a deeper level.

Individuals can learn a proven process of:



  • Discovering personal strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Listening to their authentic voice
  • Un-tapping inner potential  and
  • Creating pathways for the best of life.
Dr. Melaney is an authentic, loving, wise woman and masterful teacher who has proven that her steps work.~ Debbie Ford, #1 New York Times, Best-selling author

Dr. Melaney Sreenan has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, is a diplomat in Sports Psychology, and has been a professional in private clinical practice for over two decades  providing comprehensive counseling, coaching and psychological services for individuals, families, professionals and small business. Her areas of specialty include personal and professional relationships, trauma release certified and stress and energy management.

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What if you could be happier and more successful at home and work?

This talk gives you the tools to become more happy, healthy, productive and fulfilled, whether leading a corporation or a family.

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